Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Study Buddy

So Espresso is pretty much the best study buddy ever.

This is a prime example of Espresso helping me study.

I personally credit my 100% on the weed section of my viticulture exam due to her help.

And by the way, by best study buddy ever, I mean it's kind of amazing I can pass my classes at all.

1. Espresso has a NEED to be in my lap AT ALL TIMES. If I am sitting down, sort of seated, or any other way that exposes my legs, she NEEDS to be sitting on them. This as you can imagine becomes very difficult when I need to type on my laptop.

2. She IS SO DISTRACTINGLY CUTE (see previous post).

Monday, March 29, 2010

Very Distracting

So I wonder how I can feel behind on the very first day of class. I mean, I shouldn't have things to distract me too much at this point.

But then I look next to me on the couch.

Oh right. (Excuse the photo, it was taken with my cell.)

Pretty much Espresso's cuteness is the MOST DISTRACTING THING EVER.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Take Out

With the whole life-killing-thesis project, I not only neglected Espresso more than I care to admit. I neglected to eat. Many times.

So often, at random hours of the day between 3 to 11, I would try and figure out where to procure a meal. Being a Chipotle-lover, I lived off burrito bowls for about one week in March.

Espresso likes when Chipotle was brought home because it meant a) there was food in the house for once that wasn't kibble and b) there was a paper bag that she was entitled to play with.

See, you have to stick your ENTIRE BODY in the bag in order to lick the bottom where a trace of meat or fajita might be.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Looking for the Bright Spot

So I have been neglectful of A Shot of Espresso, but I have been neglectful about most things in my life as of late (eating, laundry, cleaning, etc) due to my thesis.

But with the freedom that is spring break arrived, I plan on trying to makeup for lost time by posting as many entries as I can. I have been able to take some photos between cram-sessions and now I finally have the time to post and write about them

Ironically, as my work load got extremely heavy, the weather outside went from rainy and cold to sunny and warm.

I felt terrible for Espresso who would sit longing to be outside. It doesn't help that at this time of year, her sunspot has shrunk to 1/10 its winter size.