Monday, February 22, 2010

Blue Baby

Espresso is in love with my Snuggie (yes, I own a human Snuggie. That will one day be a story in a post of its own). Its her new favorite thing-of-mommy's-to-steal-and-sleep-in.

As I was uploading pictures today, this photo gave me a sense of deja vu and I didn't know why. I began searching through my very unorganized hard drive for Espresso pictures.

And I found it.

After we agreed to take on the puppy (another story worthy of its own blog post), we anxiously awaited for the breeder to send us the first look at our future ward. All we knew was that it black-and-tan, and it was she. This is Espresso at about four weeks old. Or I should say, the puppy-we-eventually-decided-to-call-Espresso. This was the very first picture I ever saw of the the little creature that would change my life. And I fell in love with her right then and there.

It's amazing how cute and sleepy she was. Currently, she is running laps around my apartment squeaking her squirrel, celebrating that she managed to shred an entire Chipotle paper bag in just under a minute. I love my little monster so much.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Balloons Two

So my previous entry was describing Espresso's love of popping real balloons.

Like this.
My mother went on a quest while she was here to find Espresso a balloon she couldn't pop. Or at least something balloon like that would last longer than .2 nanoseconds.

Luckily, Petco provided.

I know Espresso loves her new toy-balloon, but probably not quite as much as she loves popping the real things. But given that her mother (me) isn't as generous and doesn't buy her balloons regularly, I think she'll take her squeaky balloon.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Espresso loves playing with balloons (after she got over being terrified of them, of course). The only thing she loves more than rolling a balloon around is popping one. However, she doesn't seem to understand that the popping is permanent. This is a video my boyfriend texted me when I was on vacation. It was entitled "Why won't you play with me anymore?"

When I was home over Christmas break, we pulled out the wrapping from the spare closet which means we had to pull out just about everything else too. In the process, a baggie of balloons fell to the ground. Upon discovering this, my mother blew one of them up for Espresso to play with. Espresso proceeded to chew through all 12 balloons in the matter of about a half hour or so.

My mom had wanted to give Espresso a bag of balloons for Christmas, but never got around to it. So when she came to visit last weekend, you can imagine how happy Espresso was when my mom brought her the overdue Christmas gift.

We rationed them over the entire weekend, but she still managed to pop them all surprisingly fast.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tied Toy

So remember that post a while back about Espresso's gift via mail? The green rope bone is one of her favorite toys. In order to give us a moment of peace, my boyfriend thought of a way to entertain Espresso without having to hold onto the toy personally.

She proceeded to de-stuff the toy completely and then yank the knot holding the rope to the chair so tight we couldn't get it off for days.

But at least it meant she spent hours doing that and not eating my underwear, sneaking into the kitchen, and causing all sorts of other dachshund mischief.