Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pup and Circumstance

So I graduated this Saturday. A time to celebrate with family, friends, and the important people in your life.

And of course, the important puppies in your life.

Unable to smuggle Espresso into the ceremony, she instead made a critical appearance at my graduation party. And
even my 14 year old Lab was able to join the festivities.
Espresso was amazingly social and quite popular. The aunties of course doted on her, but sh
e also made a lot of fans of the parents. My "second father" Brett probably held her for an hour. As he put it, "She likes the view up here." I took that a step further by demonstrating my skilled Dachshund lifts. What gets me is she really DOESN'T mind being up there. She must like the view.

Espresso will also never turn down the opportunity to lick carpet that may have once in its history had food on it.

Brandy was even...brought into the festivities by a loving, yet over zealous Auntie Nicole.

This is after all an event where I wanted to be surrounded by family. And these dogs help define my family.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Puppy Dinner Time

So a few weeks back when Espresso had dental surgery, I bought her several cans of wet food. While she has long since healed, I was left with cans of wet food. Since my whole life is now spent thinking about how to get rid of most of my worldly possessions before I leave for New York, I figured I may as well treat Espresso with some wet food until it runs out.
I had also been considering trying to mix up her diet a little bit, having read somewhere at sometime that a mixed diet is good for dogs, giving them different nutrients etc.

I made Espresso what I call a "super dinner" tonight. On the menu chez Espresso tonight was:

AvoDerm Chicken and Rice wet food
1 T/D dental Kibble (yes, that is a single HUGE kibble)
1 Month Heartgaurd tablet
Some dry AvoDerm Chicken and Rice kibble.

Espresso was getting very impatient with me taking photos.

Finals Care Package

I love my mother so so much. She is the proudest puppy-Grandma I have ever seen.

My wonderful Mommy often sends me care packages during finals week...I think in part so she knows I'll consume enough calories to not die. This package included lots of sugary treats for me...and of course some treats for Espresso.

I always feel bad for Espresso. I know she is a little neglected during finals. When I'm too busy pounding out a thesis or the like, I tend to feed her cows' ears or give her new toys or do anything to stave
the guilt and keep my little monster occupied. My mother is amazing and knows this so she beat me to the punch by sending a cow's ear and a package of squeaky balls.

I haven't given her the cow's ear yet, but she has loved one of the balls, squeaking-it-till-it-squeaked-no-more.