Monday, October 11, 2010

Why I have so many typos...

Anyone who has ever chatted with me on Facebook knows well that my typing sucks. This is not aided by the fact I generally have a puppy fighting for my lap space or just generally trying to make her presence known.

I mean, Come on. How could you keep typo-free when this is what your keyboard looks like?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer Part 2- Napa - The Backyard

So even though my job was in full swing, David's classes ended.

I was amazingly lucky enough to find not only an amazing place to live with an amazing housemate, but it was dog-friendly.

So Espresso came up to Napa with me for the last few weeks of summer.

I felt like a terrible Mommy. She sat there shivering and shaking
for the first hours. She was terrified of her new friend, Zinny, the chocolate lab of my housemat

Yet eventually she settled in just fine. In fact, she adored Napa more than Davis in some ways I think.

There was the huuuuuuuuge backyard.

That giant tree in the yard? A walnut tree. Guess who learned how to crack open walnuts and eat the nut inside?

Summer Part 1- Puppy Texts

So you may be asking, where did Espresso go all summer?

Well, that is the problem. She didn't go anywhere. She stayed in Davis with her Daddy while Mommy went to work in the fields.

You think I'm joking? I was a Grower Relations Intern at Mumm Napa this summer. I spent most my days in vineyards and loved every second of it. However, that did mean I lived in Napa for the summer, apart from Espresso.

David was wonderful about sending me puppy texts however. It made it a little less painful to be apart from her all summer.

Here are some of my favorite puppy texts.

"Puppy in a box"

"Look what I did!"

"In the grass"

Just a nice classic "Hi Mommy"