Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Road Again...

So even though shes a little monster who eats paper, poops inside, and must be monitored for mischief constantly, she actually travels quite well.
Today was one of the many journeys as of late going to Carmel. I always try and remember a pillow and blanket to make the beast's ride more comfortable.

And yes, don't get me on the doggy seat belt issues. Basically there is no good answer for a dog as small as Espresso, except for crating her. And maybe I am a moron, but I don't have the heart.
She just cuddles up for the long haul and sleeps for the vast majority of it.

Except when she does try and give me a heart attack and jump into my back seat, leaping from pile of things from pile of things to get all the way back into my trunk (see my latest facebook status regarding all the stuff you can find in my car to understand how she can do this).

Yet it always makes my drive more pleasant to look and see that.

However, she is too small for me to trust sticking her head out the window without someone to hold her, but looking out of it is also pretty good.

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