Saturday, July 3, 2010

Farmer's Market

So much to Espresso's joy, my parents came up to visit. Espresso does dearly love my mom, but it's really all about getting to see Brandy.

Today we had breakfast at Crepeville and then while my parents walked around the Farmer's Market, I held the two beasts AKA napped next to Brandy on the grass while trying to keep children away from Espresso.

All was fine and good until while I was having a small alien aka child pet Espresso on the back to try and acclimate her, my 13 year old Labrador suddenly decided she HAD to go see this other dog approaching. I ended up flat on my back in the grass but did catch her leash mid air and not drop the dachshund.

At least the people watching is super fun. The doggies agreed.

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