Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Summer Part 2- Napa - The Backyard

So even though my job was in full swing, David's classes ended.

I was amazingly lucky enough to find not only an amazing place to live with an amazing housemate, but it was dog-friendly.

So Espresso came up to Napa with me for the last few weeks of summer.

I felt like a terrible Mommy. She sat there shivering and shaking
for the first hours. She was terrified of her new friend, Zinny, the chocolate lab of my housemat

Yet eventually she settled in just fine. In fact, she adored Napa more than Davis in some ways I think.

There was the huuuuuuuuge backyard.

That giant tree in the yard? A walnut tree. Guess who learned how to crack open walnuts and eat the nut inside?

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