Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dental Surgery

Espresso apparently really does take after me. I have had my fair share of dental problems in my life, one of which has included a baby tooth that never fell out.

Espresso had one of her baby teeth never fall out. Instead the adult tooth merely grew in front of the other tooth. Our vet just advised waiting to see if it ever fell out...which of course it never did. Which means I got the privilege of paying a pretty penny to have to removed before it started to damage the nerve of the adjacent adult tooth.

So I dropped Espresso off at 8am and was a nervous Mommy all day. I finally heard from the vet around 3 pm that she had woken up and the surgery was routine. I finally got to go pick up my de-toothed, drugged puppy in the evening.

I took her to In N Out as a reward and to satiate my Mommy guilt. She stared at me as I ate my Animal-style cheeseburger with extra lettuce - the extra lettuce and a few bits of burger being specifically saved for my brave little patient.

In the tube is the tooth that cost me $500. Apparently it is about half the length it should have been. After doing an cautionary X-ray, the vet found out everything else had been reabsorbed by the body. It was barely hanging in there. Good thing I didn't wait any longer.

You can see the single sitch left from where they removed the baby tooth. Now only the healthy adult tooth remains. And a shiny adult tooth at that since I had to pay for a teeth cle

She also partially pulled out her IV, so she had a very fatty little leg for the evening. You can see from the picture, it was probably twice the diamete
r of normal. It kinda jiggled as she walked, and just added to the general pathetic and sad look she had.

A good part of the evening was spent carefully watching her to make sure she didn't chew at the vet wrap covering up where the IV had been.

The only advantage of this entire experience is Mom
my felt guilted into serving canned wet food for dinner. Espresso LOVES wet food, and I went and bought a few cans before I knew the vet said it wouldn't be necessary.
I was actually quite proud of Espresso- she can be a bit of a drama queen ("Well, she is a dachshund" was a vet tech's response to that). But not only was she complimented for being so so soft and apparently was cuddled by the techs for most the day, she came back with a full report of good behavior.

Since she had most the day to recover, Espresso wasn't TOO drugged out. But I was warned her depth perception would be off and I could tell she was kinda out of it. And with as much puppy huffing as I do, I can definitively tell you she even *smelled* off.

That evening we mostly just cozied up for a girls night. Espresso passed out, finally safe and sound at home.

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