Thursday, April 22, 2010

Becoming Espresso's Mom

We counted down the days till bringing her home. I skipped an afternoon class so we could leave even earlier to pick her up on that Friday.
On the way home, with my 3 lb charge in my lap, I was completely terrified and completely in love. I know I sound like a new mother. But really, I had become one that day.

Luckily puppies > babies.

1. You can leave them in a crate while you are gone.
2. They aren't picky eaters.
3. They never learn to talk.
4. The keeping you up at night phase lasts a week or two tops.

So completely in love, I brought my new baby puppy home. I have virtually no pictures from the first months of her life. Long story short, two days after bringing her home, David cut his hand open and I spent the next months taking care of him, transporting all three of us places, doing the house work, dealing with the new puppy...basically I had no time for photos.

The only photos from that first day of being her "mom" were cell phone shots my friends later sent me.

She literally fit in one hand.

I am so thankful for these. Why? Because I became Espresso's mommy that day. I was terrified of the title at first. It bothered me. Scared me. But now its my favorite title.

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