Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baby Puppy Dinner Time

So a few weeks back when Espresso had dental surgery, I bought her several cans of wet food. While she has long since healed, I was left with cans of wet food. Since my whole life is now spent thinking about how to get rid of most of my worldly possessions before I leave for New York, I figured I may as well treat Espresso with some wet food until it runs out.
I had also been considering trying to mix up her diet a little bit, having read somewhere at sometime that a mixed diet is good for dogs, giving them different nutrients etc.

I made Espresso what I call a "super dinner" tonight. On the menu chez Espresso tonight was:

AvoDerm Chicken and Rice wet food
1 T/D dental Kibble (yes, that is a single HUGE kibble)
1 Month Heartgaurd tablet
Some dry AvoDerm Chicken and Rice kibble.

Espresso was getting very impatient with me taking photos.

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