Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finals Care Package

I love my mother so so much. She is the proudest puppy-Grandma I have ever seen.

My wonderful Mommy often sends me care packages during finals week...I think in part so she knows I'll consume enough calories to not die. This package included lots of sugary treats for me...and of course some treats for Espresso.

I always feel bad for Espresso. I know she is a little neglected during finals. When I'm too busy pounding out a thesis or the like, I tend to feed her cows' ears or give her new toys or do anything to stave
the guilt and keep my little monster occupied. My mother is amazing and knows this so she beat me to the punch by sending a cow's ear and a package of squeaky balls.

I haven't given her the cow's ear yet, but she has loved one of the balls, squeaking-it-till-it-squeaked-no-more.

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