Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ahoy Matey

If you are a pet owner, I think you'll have a better time understanding the following: pets turn your brain into mush.

You think I'm kidding? Here is an example of a (perfectly normal might I add) conversation I had with my boyfriend one lazy weekend morning a while ago:

Me: What should Espresso's pirate name me?

BF (without a moment of hesitation): Cutie McDunderpants.

Me: Where the hell you get that?

BF: I dunno.

Me: I like it.

See, normal human beings would begin to wonder why the idea of giving a 9 lb dog a pirate name would ever come up, but pet owners will better understand how suddenly everything - from your pet's favorite color (yes, I acknowledge that dogs are colorblind but I'm SURE she has a preference in shades of gray..) to how to celebrate their birthday to what their pirate name should be.

So yesterday I was filling out Espresso's AKC registration form. About 6 months late but that's besides the point. I put "Espresso" for her registered name but noticed that the form specified for a unique name. Now I'm sure this is an issue for registering world class pedigree show dogs but I don't give a damn for my house pet.

So Espresso's official AKC registered name is now Espresso Cutie McDunderpants. Eat that for "unique" AKC.

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