Thursday, January 7, 2010

Evil Bubble Wrap

Espresso gets very excited when we receive packages because sometimes they include things for her. My mom will often send doggie treats, little sweaters, or toys. Today however, it was merely my macroeconomics book that arrived.

There was a consolatoin prize however for the puppy: bubble wrap. Obviously the bubble wrap is evil and therefore must be conquered. Here are the steps to Espresso-domination:

1. First, you observe Daddy playing with the bubble wrap and are startled by the offensive noise it makes.

2. You bark and dance with the bubble wrap to figure out its weakness.

3. Next, you decide that the best mode of attack is direct. You leap, bite down and tug....

4. And tug....

5. ...and finally get the evil wrap within your clutches. You then pay it back in full for the noise it made at you by chewing on it.

And note: this method can be used on all evil things besides bubble wrap. This includes but is not limited to chew toys, socks, pens, balloons, etc.

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