Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shopping Excursions

So a new market opened up across the street. Why would I care about this so much to write about it?

1) This is a small town. And a bad economy. Pretty much anything opening up is nothing short of a miracle. Seriously I'm surprised someone didn't spot a crying statue on opening day.

2) I'm lazy. The nearest market is about a 10 minute drive which means that when I'm in the middle of cooking beef stroganoff and realize I forgot to buy sour cream, I no longer need to postpone dinner 30 minutes, overcooking my egg noodles horribly.
3) Now we have yet another place we can take the puppy on excursions. Of course she can't go inside, but it still gets her out of my apartment and gives us more chances to socialize her. The picture to the left demonstrates Espresso anxiously awaiting for her daddy to finishing buying our beer and ice cream.

The place is very local friendly and apparently doggie friendly. I've already seen three doggies tied up outside awaiting their owners patiently. They even have a water dish for the exiled canines. And yes, that water dish is big enough for Espresso to swim in.

When we first went to the store (sans Espresso) to get food, we being obsessive dog owners immediately checked out the over-priced pet aisle and found the perfect squeaky-rubbery-solid-yet-pliable-so-less-likely-to-be-destroyed-by-dachshund-teeth squeaky bone. It's now her new favorite and she's spent hours gnawing and chasing it.

I'm pretty sure in Espresso's mind the dog toy we bought her on our first shopping trip beats walking over in the rain for mommy and daddy to get junk food.

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