Saturday, January 2, 2010

String Theory

My boyfriend and I have a problem. We are obsessed with watching the DVD's of the TV show The Big Bang Theory - a show about 4 nerds who hold University positions in physics and engineering. The topic of string theory comes up more than you'd think. So as we are watching our 10th episode in a row, I hear rustling on the ground.

Espresso has her own string theory.

That whir of black and tan is Espresso playing with a pile of balloon strings.

For my 21st birthday my parents had a dozen balloons delivered to my apartment (in my family balloons are a sacred right on one's birthday). She was TERRIFIED of the bunch of balloons. It took her at least a few days to get the courage to go into the dining area where they were. A few days more and she would do drive-by barks at the vicious things. Eventually as they deflated and fell to the ground, Espresso's courage grew and the inevitable balloon attacks occured. However, the balloons have long since popped, leaving a mass of tangled string behind. Which apparently is the best thing ever to a 9 lb. mini dachshund.

We haven't had the heart to throw the mass of string away yet. Even if everyday I fear shes going to strangle/trip/get caught in the what should be trash.

Would you have the heart to say no to that face?

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  1. No I do not have the heart. I just melted. Again. :)