Monday, January 18, 2010

Espresso & Friends: Lola

I apologize for the lack of updates this week; I was in Las Vegas with my sister.

I haven't stayed in contact with many people from high school; an exception is my best friend who really is more like the sister-I-never-had. We both not only love to cook, eat, shop, talk, and travel - we both own dogs.

My sis got her puppy- Lola - about two years ago. Lola is some Chihuahua mix and was bought from a lady outside of a petstore who wore grills. No joke. I can't say I advertise this as a way to procure a puppy, but Lola has been completely healthy and is completely trained whereas my purebred-reputable-breeder-obtained-puppy has a birth defect in her leg and continues to pee on my carpet daily. Guess I can't knock ladies with grills.

I was the very first person to puppy sit Lola ever when she was just a few months old. Ever since I have loved seeing my "niece" whenever I visit home. This last Christmas, we were able to introduce Espresso to her cousin.

Both of them enjoyed playing chase and wrestle. It was hilarious to watch considering Lola had the height advantage (Espresso literally fit under her) while Espresso could use this to her advantage to dive under her component and escape.

This picture demonstrates well that Lola at less than 10 pounds tops Espresso (who is about 10 lbs) by several inches.

I just hope in the future our puppies get to have some girls' time like I did this week.

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