Saturday, January 9, 2010

Puppies Dressed as Cats...and BANANAS!

As I was facebook stalking earlier today, a random friend from middle school who probably doesn't even remember me posted an adorably hilarious link on another middle-school friend who-doesn't-remember-me's wall.

What was this link you ask? It was a clip of the Conan O'Brian show featuring.....

I have dressed Espresso up as many things, but not as a cat. Maybe that will have to be Espresso's Halloween costume this year.

That is Espresso playing with a (de)stuffed cheetah/jaguar/kitty toy. I interpret Espresso's response to the Halloween cat-costume idea as a resounding "no." However, she also didn't highly approve of her costume from this year either, but I still forced her into the banana suit anyway.

It was on sale at Target for 8 bucks. I even took her onto campus with some friends for lunch to show off the amazing cuteness. This picture doesn't have the banana hat on because Espresso kept eating it and refused to walk around with it on. It was a miracle I got the first picture at all.

This is Espresso's "I am so humiliated - AND I have to be in public" look. I love having a 9 lb dog that I can force into tiny outfits.

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