Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Party Animal

So I got a dog in college. That topic alone is worthy of its own entry, but the fact remains the same. I being a 20-something like to go out and do stuff with my friends. Especially since turning a 21-something, I often celebrate special occasions with alcohol (every Friday is a holiday in my book). However, I am also a responsible dog owner who doesn't like the idea of keeping Espresso couped up while I get to have fun. Solution?

Take Espresso to the parties.Initially I did it because it was a great way to socialize her - expose her to loud noises, large groups of people, people she didn't know etc. One of the first parties she ever went to was a Hawaii-themed birthday party. It was even more amazing since I wasn't the one who took her to the party - a friend brought her over from my apartment and I met them at the house. You can see my friends got her into the party theme.

You see, Espresso is a versatile beast who can go from a chill kick-back with some drinking games.... a high-class 21st birthday soiree for two of my best friends.

What I have found to be amazing is when I bring the puppy, people not only think its awesome, but she gets so much love there that she never wants to come home again. The only bad thing about bringing her has meant that when I do show up with out her everyone asks "WHERE'S ESPRESSO?"

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